About us


The Toolbox Freiamt started as a national periurban program. After several successful years spent in the pilot phase it is now offering joint with the KIP (cantonal integration program) a specialist department for integration in the local communities of Wohlen, Villmergen, Dottikon and Dintikon.


The Toolbox Freiamt is conducted in accordance to the KIP (cantonal integration program).The sponsorship is financed by the communities of Wohlen, Villmergen, Dottikon and Dintikon as well as the canton Aargau.

Toolbox offers

The Toolbox provides simple tools (appropriate measures) to local communities which enhance living together in rural areas. We promote integration.


  • Toolbox-Mobile
  • Info events about living in Switzerland
  • Welcome letters


  • Consultation (with or without translator)
  • Consulting and professional support for projects which enhances living together of various population groups